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Find the service that's right for you

Atlanta Pallets & Services offers a full range of service options to better meet your pallet needs. Read about what we offer or consult with one of our experienced professionals to find out more!

Heat treatment eliminates insect infestation and is required before shipping any pallet overseas. Atlanta Pallets & Services and our sister company, The Pallet Factory, were the first factories in Georgia certified to heat treat pallets. Together, our facilities operate 3 kilns with the capacity to produce over 9 tractor trailer loads of heat treated pallets per day.

Export pallet heat treatment:

Enjoy the benefits offered by our Repair and Return (RR) program! We will leave an empty trailer at your facility for the collection of used and broken pallets. Once this trailer is full, call us and we will swap it for another empty one. We will take the contents of your full trailer to our facility and sort, repair, and return as many as possible for your reuse. Although there is a cost for this service, many of our customers have saved thousands of dollars annually by avoiding the cost of new pallets.


We also offer pallet disposal for broken and used pallets. The difference between this program and RR is that the pallets are not repaired and returned. We simply pay you for your unwanted broken or used pallets and take them to our facilities to determine if any parts can be recycled or reused in the production of manufactured pallets. This is an environmentally friendly way to turn pallets that may have ended up in a local landfill, into products that can be used again.

Pallet sort and repair programs:

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Atlanta Pallets & Services is proud to serve as one of the few fully integrated pallet manufacturers operating in Georgia.

Mold prevention dipping:

Turn to us for help reducing your mold problem! At the time a tree is cut down, it is nearly 80% water, making it a breeding ground for airborne mold spores. At Atlanta Pallets & Services, we offer a dipping process to help seal the lumber and reduce the development of mold on our pallets.


The way you handle your pallets can also play a vital role in the reduction of mold. Storage in a well-ventilated, dry environment as well as keeping distance between pallet stacks plays an essential role in reducing mold. Contact one of our fully trained, experienced staff members today for more ideas about how to reduce pallet mold.


Removal of odd sized pallets:

Work with us for the convenient service you deserve. With a fleet of over 60 tractor trailers, we can meet your needs by offering delivery services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand that you are busy and cannot stop or slow your production for pallet pick-up and delivery services.


We offer both flatbed and van deliveries, and constantly monitor your wishes, and scheduling requirements to make sure you are completely satisfied with our services. Your pallets will always be there when you need them - we guarantee it!

Call us today to discuss how we can help your company eliminate wasted space with our removal program.


We can leave a trailer at your location where you can store odd sized pallets. Once this trailer is full, we will pick it up and replace is with an empty trailer for your convenience. This will help keep your company environmentally friendly. We can negotiate removal fee terms for removal of odd sized pallets depending on size and quality of the pallets. We do not remove trash and scrap.

Regulations regarding overseas shipments are complex and governed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) under the auspices of the United Nations. There are currently 123 countries worldwide that have signed the IPPC agreement and many have also implemented their own rules and regulations as well. Our sales staffs are constantly continuing their education in these matters so they can help you plan all of your shipments accordingly.

You'll never have to worry about passing regulations when you choose us! We provide a Certificate of Analysis (C of A) for each load and retain the proper documentation for each and every pallet we treat. All of our records are reviewed and confirmed monthly through the Timber Products Inspection and then kept for 7 years in case they are needed for review. We clearly mark all of our heat treated pallets with a certification stamp per current regulations.

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