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New Pallets:

New pallets are manufactured in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Shady Dale, GA. We have three sawmills on site and produce 800 different sizes of pallets. Using trees sourced from nearby, we cut them precisely to specifications which allows us to optimize the full use of the tree & minimize waste. Each pallet is specifically designed to meet our customer’s needs using the CAD/CAM Pallet Design System. All pallets are assembled by a computerized & automated nailing machines, assuring they each have the exact same design.


Your specific needs are always taken into account when determining which type of lumber to use. Our most commonly used woods include hardwoods, such as oak and poplar, and softwoods like southern yellow pine. However, we also offer kiln dried woods like southern yellow pine which has little to no possibility of molding. Pallets made with newly cut or "green" lumber can be dipped in order to reduce molding. We also offer Heat-Treating for pallets being shipped internationally.

Recycled pallets are all created to Grocery Management Association (GMA) specifications, 48”L x 40”W. Generally, recycled pallets have the same load capacity as newly built pallets, but can look quite weathered or worn.  Our standard size, recycled 4-way pallets vary in grade and are sold according to the descriptions below:


• Our #1 Pallet comes in 2 grades, A or Triple A (AAA). These pallets may have a board(s) replaced, but did not need stringer repair.


• AAA #1 Pallet: These hardwood pallets are 4-way with 6" lead boards on both ends (top and bottom) and measure 48"x40". The rest of the boards on the pallet are 4" and evenly spaced, leaving a total of 7 boards on top and 5 boards on bottom.


• A #1 Pallet: These pallets do not have 6" leads and are predominately made from 4" boards but can vary in board size.


• #2 Pallet: These pallets are made up of 4" or 6" boards which may have been replaced. They have had issues with cracked stingers and are repaired using a block of wood on the inside edge next to where the crack or compromise has occurred. Plates are never used for repair and there are not more than 2 blocks used to repair the pallets.


* The difference between A #1 and #2 pallet is not easily noticeable from a distance but can be seen when looking directly into the open end.

Recycled Pallets

Remanufactured pallets are constructed from wood that is re-claimed from scrap pallets. These pallets can be made from entirely re-claimed lumber or a mixture of new and re-claimed lumber. They can be made in any size needed and are an economical alternative when the typical GMA pallet does not meet your specific needs.

Manufactured Pallets:

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Atlanta Pallets & Services is proud to serve as one of the few fully integrated pallet manufacturers operating in Georgia.


Wooden crates using hinges, bolts, straps and more can be constructed in any size to meet your

specific needs.

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