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With years of experience and 2 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we can provide the personal service and top quality pallet services you deserve! Our friendly team is committed to getting your job done right - the first time! Don't waste time or money dealing with a less experienced company when you can get the prompt, affordable service, and top quality products you need with us. Check out what each of our manufacturing facilities has to offer:

Atlanta Pallets & Services is proud to serve as one of the few fully integrated pallet manufacturers operating in Georgia.

Atlanta Pallets & Services:

Located at:

3310 Colonial Parkway

Decatur, GA 30034

Phone: 404-766-2339

Fax: 404-766-0724

This facility houses our corporate offices and is located near Atlanta off Flat Shoals and I-285. Here we perform a number of different manufacturing tasks, including but not limited to:


• Manufacturing new pallets in various sizes

• Cutting new wood (Cants) to specified sizes with our state-of-the-art milling equipment

• Disassembling damaged and odd sized pallets to reuse the lumber to build new pallets

• Repair of Grocery Management Association specified (48"x40") pallets for resale.

The Pallet Factory:

Located at:

128 Farrar Street

Shady Dale, GA 31085

Phone: 706-468-2990

Fax: 706-468-1172


This facility is located 60 miles East of Atlanta and is our largest location. It houses our 3 sawmills and our pallet nailing machine. Some of the benefits of working with us include:


• We are one of the few companies in Georgia that harvest our own wood for pallets. This gives us a tremendous amount of flexibility by allowing us to control the process ourselves and avoid relying on other sawmills.

• Exercising of strict quality control over the type and dimensions of lumber we use

• Use of a de-dusting machine allows us to ensure all boards and stringers are dust-free

• State-of-the-art pallet nailing machines are computerized and automated, allowing for consistent and precise construction - on every job!

• Nail placement and depth are tightly controlled creating uniformed pallets

• Any mark that our customer's may need for identification can be branded into pallets

• Mold dipping tank and 2 heat treatment kilns located at this location allow us to better serve you

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