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Answers to most frequently asked questions:

1. What sizes of new wooden pallets do you sell?

New pallets can be made in any size that is convenient for our customers. We will work with the customer using our CAD/CAM Pallet Design System to design the optimal pallet to suit your needs.


2. Where do you get the wood used to manufacture your pallets?

Our sawmills, located in Shady Dale, Georgia, use lumber sourced in the woods of North Georgia. As we are one of the few pallet companies in Georgia that cut our own logs, we have a much better control of our supply than most other companies within the pallet industry.


3. Are you an American owned company?

Yes, we are American owned and operated. Both of our manufacturing facilities are located in Georgia. Our main office is in Atlanta. There are however, several larger pallet companies operating within our state that are owned by foreign corporations. Please buy American!


4. Do you sell used pallets?

Yes, we sell 2 types of used pallets. We recycle standard size 48"x40" GMA pallets for resale. We also harvest wood from broken pallets and use them to build re-claimed wood or "manufactured" pallets. These can be made in any size that suits the customer, are good for the environment and are often significantly lower in cost.


5. What lumber do you use in manufacturing new pallets?

We manufacture new pallets out of Southern Yellow Pine or hardwoods such as Oak and Poplar. We also offer pallets made using kiln dried Pine lumber.


6. What are the requirements for pallets that are shipped overseas?

Currently, most countries in the world require that pallets being shipped overseas be heat treated to kill any bug larvae prior to shipment. These requirements vary from country to country and are very stringent so please contact us to discuss your specific needs.


7. Do you do scrap pallet removal?

Yes, depending on the quantity and quality of the pallets, we will pick up scrap pallets for our wood reclamation purposes.


8. How do you combat mold on pallets?

We have a dip tank located within our sawmills that has a mold retardant compound to help combat mold. This service is available as an option on any of our pallets.


9. How do you handle your transportation?

We have our own fleet of over 60 tractor trailers, both flatbed and van trailers, to deliver to our customers at the time and place of their choosing.


10.  What is a pallet Sort & Repair program?

We offer the service of picking up broken pallets at a customer's site, bringing them back to our location, repairing and returning them to the customer. This system can be quite cost effective and we can design a program that will fit both your needs and your budget.


11. Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards as forms of payment.

Atlanta Pallets & Services is proud to serve as one of the few fully integrated pallet manufacturers operating in Georgia.

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